Advice Letters

Long Term Procurement Exemption AL-224-E
Revision to Form No.23 AL-225-E
CARE-LIEE Income Updates AL-226-E
GHG Environmental Attestation AL-227-E
CARE Outreach Plan Compliance AL-228-E
EA Approval AL-229-E
CARE Update AL-230-E
General Office Allocation AL-231-E
Shell Agreement Memorandum AL-232-E
Notice General Rate Case Increase AL-233-E
Notice Capital Memorandum Account Credit AL-234-E
Notice 2010 Tariff Scehdule AL-235-E
Notice Renewables Tariff and Contract AL-236-E
Notice 2009 Annual Report AL-238-E
CARE Update AL-241-E
Schedule A-5 TOU Contracts AL-242-E
NEM Update AB920 AL-243-E
Fire Hazard Prevention AL-244-E
Rates Implementation AL-245-E
Base Revenue Requirement AL-246-E
Small Business Customer Update AL-247-E
PPAC Balancing Account AL-248-E
Energy Commission Surcharge AL-249-E
GHG Environmental Attestation AL-250-E
BRRBA Amortization AL-251-E
Renewable Energy Credits Accounting AL-252-E
CARE Update AL-253-E
Notice 2010 Annual Report AL-254-E
Power Purchase Agreement Memorandum Account AL-255-E
Tax Act Memorandum Acconunt AL-256-E
NEM Update D.11-06-016 AL-257-E
Purchase and Sale Agreement for REC AL-258-E
Bridge Funding Memorandum Account AL-259-E
2012 Rates Implementation AL-260-E
Modification to Tariffs and Standard Contracts AL-261-E
Unspent 2009-2011 ESA Program Funds AL-262-E
2011 Attestation AL-263-E
ITCC Update AL-264-E
Fire Hazard Prevention Language Implementation AL-265-E
BRRBA Recovery AL-266-E
RPSMA Recovery AL-267-E
CARE Income Guidelines Update AL-268-E
CEMA Recovery D.12-06-006 AL-269-E
Bridge Funding Memorandum Account AL-270-E
Withdrawal of Tariffs for Renewable Generation AL-271-E
General Rate Case Memorandum Account AL-272-E
Bridge Funding Memorandum Account AL-273-E
2010 Annual Report AL-274-E
BVES, Inc. Fire Prevention Plan 2012 AL-275-E
GHG Attestation Compliance AL-276-E
BRRBA Recovery AL-278-E
BVES, Inc. Bridge Funding for ESA and CARE Programs for 2015-2017, pursuant to D.14-11-005 AL-291-E
Implementation of 2014 GRC D.14-11-002 Requirements AL-292-E
Implementation of the 2015 Revenue Requirement, Rate and Tariff Changes Associated with BVES, Inc. General Rate Case, in accordance with D.14-11-002 AL-293-E
Compliance with D.12-01-032 and D.14-05-020, adopting Regulations to Reduce Fire Hazards Associated with Overhead Power Lines and Communication Facilities AL-294-E
Shell and EDF Agreements Memorandum Account AL-295-E
Shell and EDF Agreements Memorandum Account Recovery Request AL-296-E
Request to Recover the Actual Costs of Shell RA Capacity Agreement Pursuant to D.14-12-003 AL-297-E
GHG Emission Performance Standard (EPS) Filing AL-298-E
Approval of 2014 GRC D.14-11-002 Requirements AL-299-E
PPAC Balancing Account AL-300-E
CARE Eligibility Income Levels Update 2015 AL-301-E
851 Transaction AL-302-E
BRRBAM Adjustment 2011 AL-303-E
PPAC Amortization Change AL-304-E
851 Transaction AL-305-E
Fire Hazard Prevention Revision AL-306-E
Undergrounding Cost Recovery AL-307-E
Implementation of 2016 GRC D.14-11-002 Requirements AL-308-E
Moon Ridge Substation Rate Base Offset AL-309-E
Schedule UF-E Update AL-310-E
2015 GHG Environmental Compliance AL-311-E
CARE Eligibility Income Level Update AL-312-E
Request to Refund PPAC Balancing Account AL-314-E
2012 Base Rate Revenue Requirement Adjustment AL-315-E
Undergrounding Cost Recovery AL-316-E
Balancing Account Name Change AL-318-E
Approval of 2016 CARE_ESA Annual Report AL-319-E
Implementation of 2017 Revenue Requirements AL-321-E
Termination of Rate Component in BRRAM AL-322-E
Approval of Undergrounding Costs Recovery - Phase 3 AL-323-E
Closure of Net Energy Metering Program AL-325-E
CARE Eligibility Income Level Update AL-326-E
PU Code 851 Transaction AL-327-E
PU Code 851 Transaction AL-328-E
Preliminary Statement Base Revenue Requirement Adjustment AL-329-E
Smart Meter Opt Out Schedule AL-330-E
2018 General Rate Case Memorandum Account AL-332-E
2017 Annual Report for 2016 CARE-ESA-PPP Programs AL-333-E
2014 BBRAM Surcharge Termination AL-334-E
Schedule UF-E Update AL-335-E
Preliminary Statement Update AL-336-E
Base Revenue Requirements Balancing Account Amortization AL-338-E
Rule No. 11 Update AL-339-E
Fire Hazard Prevention Memorandum Account AL-341-E
CARE Eligibility Income Level Update AL-342-E
Supplemental 2017 Base Revenue Requirements Balancing Account Amortization AL-344-EA
Request to Recover To-the-Meter Costs from MHP Upgrade AL-346-EA
Emergency Customer Protections Memorandum Account AL-347-E
Update to BVES, Inc. Rules and Forms AL-348-E
Transportation Electrification Pilot Program Balancing Account AL-349-E
Request to Recover Beyond-the-Meter Costs from MHP Upgrade AL-350-E
Update of BVES, Inc. Public Purpose Program Surcharges AL-351-E
Fire Risk Mitigation Memorandum Account, pursuant to Senate Bill 901 and Rulemaking No.18-10-007 AL-352-E
Income Tax Component of Contribution Tax Factor Update AL-353-EA
Transportation Electrification Pilot Program Budget and TOU-EV Rates AL-354-E
Transportation Electrification Pilot Program Memorandum Account AL-355-E
BVES, Inc. Taxes and Fees Revision to Implement 2019 Energy Commission Surcharge AL-356-E
Officer Compensation Memorandum Account AL-357-E
BVES, Inc. Taxes and Fees Revision to Implement 2019 Utilities Commission Fees AL-358-E
GHG Emissions Performance Standard Compliance AL-359-E
Reliability Reporting Requirements Compliance Memorandum Account AL-360-E
2019 Winter Storms Memorandum Account AL-361-E
2019-2020 CARE and ESA Eligibility Income Levels Update AL-362-E
Program Implementation on TE Standard Review Projects (Joint Filing) AL-363-E
Wildfire Mitigation Plan Implementation Memorandum Account AL-364-E
Termination of the 2011 through 2016 Base Revenue Requirement Balancing Accounts (BRRBAs) surcredit AL-365-E
Termination of the 2017 Base Revenue Requirement Balancing Accounts (BRRBAs) surcredit


BVES, Inc. 2019 Revenue Requirement, Rates and Tariff Implementation in accordance with Decision No.19-08-027 AL-368-E
Advice Letter Regarding Status of Implementation of the 2017 Transportation Electrification (TE) Priority Review Programs (Applications 17-06-031, 17-06-033, 17-06-034) AL-369-E
BVES, Inc. 2019 Supply Adjustment in Accordance with GRC Decision No. 19-08-027 AL-370-EA
BVES, Inc. Risk Spending Accountability Report pursuant to D.19-08-027 AL-371-E
Request for Approval, and Authority to Recover Costs, of Power Purchase Agreements With Morgan Stanley and Constellation Pursuant to Decision D. 19-08-030 AL-372-E
2020 Update to BVES, Inc.'s Public Purpose Program Surcharges in Compliance with D.18-08-020 AL-373-E
Reports on Possible Off Ramps - Bear Valley Electric Service AL-374-E
BVES, Inc. 2020 Revenue Requirement, Rates and Tariff Implementation in accordance with Decision No.19-08-027 AL-375-E
Fire Risk Mitigation Memorandum Account Update AL-376-E
BVES Implementation of Billing Late Payment Charge per D.19-08-027 AL-377-EA
2021 CARE and ESA Bridge Funding in compliance with Decision No. 19-11-005 AL-379-EA
GHG Emissions Performance Standard (“EPS”) Compliance Filing 2019 AL-380-E

BVES, Inc. Distributed Generation Service program in compliance with Decision No. 20-01-008.

BVES, Inc. Transportation Electrification Programs Safety Attestation in compliance with Decision No.18-09-034.
2020-2021 CARE and ESA Eligibility Income Levels Update AL-384-E
Resolution M-4842 Requirements and CPPMA Activation AL-385-EA
E2019 Risk Spending Accountability Report (With Update Attachment A 05-20-2020) AL-388-E
Wildfire Community Awareness and Public Outreach Activities AL-389-E
Update to BVES Standby Rate in Compliance with Decision No. 19-08-027 AL-392-E
BVES Distributed Generation Service Net Energy Metering Program for Bear Valley Water Agencies AL-393-E
Joint Tier 2 Advice Letter to Propose a Post-Pandemic Return to Service (PPRS) Percentage in Compliance with Resolution E-5074 AL-396-E
Revisions to BVES Inc. Taxes and Fees Surcharges to Implement the 2020-2021 CPUC Reimbursement Account AL-397-EA
California Consumer Privacy Act Memorandum Account AL-398-E

Termination of Fire Prevention and Renewable Portfolio Standard

Continuation of BVES 2019 Supply Adjustment surcredit in accordance with Decision No. 19-08-027 AL-400-E
BVES 2021 Revenue Requirement, Rates and Tariff Implementation in accordance with Decision No.19-08-027 AL-403-E
2021 Bridge Period Update to BVES' Public Purpose Program Surcharges in Compliance with D.19-11-005 AL-401-E

Corrections to Tariff Schedule A5 Primary and Schedule A5 Secondary from Advice Letter 403-E