Application for Electric Service

If you are an existing customer of Bear Valley Electric Service, Inc, you will be informed if a deposit is required. For new customers, we request either a letter of credit from a current electric or gas utility, a guarantor, or a deposit to turn on or transfer service.

If you would prefer to apply in person, please download our Application for Service form and return it to BVES, Inc. Applications for Service can dropped off at our office located at 42020 Garstin Dr., Big Bear Lake, CA during normal business hours.

Please call our customer service department to verify your application has been received.

Please complete all required information. Sections and fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Effective Date

Type of Service

Type of Account (for businesses only)

New Service Address

Previous BVES, Inc Service Address


Applicant Employer

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Co-Applicant Employer

In case of an emergency at this property, contact:


Applicant(s) are subject to all applicable BVES, Inc rules and tariffs as governed by the California Public Utilities Commission.

I certify that I have read and understand this application for service. In addition, that the information contained in this statement is correct and I understand that falsification of this information or material omission may result in a reassignment to a proper customer classification.