Get Ready for Emergencies


  • LOCATION:  Develop a plan according to where you might be when the emergency occurs: Where will you go if at home, school, work, outdoors, in a car.

  • DISASTER SUPPLY KIT: Be sure everyone in the family knows where your Family Emergency/Supply Kit is located.

  • COMMUNICATION PLAN:  Designate a friend or relative outside your town or area as your “family point of contact” in the event you are separated during the emergency, or if power is interrupted. Agree on a place for the family to meet if separated.

  • EVACUATION PLAN:  Get a good map and plan various routes out of your area; avoid low lying areas; do several “test” runs of different routes.

  • FAMILY PET PLAN: Make sure all pets have identification collars. Determine a safe place to take your pets (most evacuation shelters do NOT accept animals).


  • ESSENTIALS:  Battery operated radio; flashlights; extra batteries; Do NOT include candles, they cause fires.

  • WATER:  Have 3 gallons of drinking water per person, minimum, in plastic container; additional water for sanitation purposes.

  • FOOD:  Minimum 3-day supply of non-perishable food that requires no refrigeration or preparation and little or no water (Canned fruit, juice, vegetables, ready-to-eat meats, soups, crackers, peanut butter, etc.)

  • FIRST AID KIT:  Have one kit for your home and each vehicle; remember your medications; Include: latex gloves, needle/thread, safety pins, scissors.

  • SANITATION:  Soap, toilet paper, personal hygiene items, plastic garbage bags, household bleach, plastic bucket w/tight lid.

  • CLOTHING/BEDDING:  Sun glasses, hat/gloves, sleeping bag/blankets, sturdy shoes, and one complete change of clothing and shoes per person.

  • BABY SUPPLIES:  Formula, bottles, diapers, medications, powdered milk.

  • PET SUPPLIES:  Food, vaccination records, harness/leash/carrier, plastic containers.

  • IMPORTANT FAMILY DOCUMENTS:  Key telephone numbers (emergency agencies/family/friends); bank account numbers; family records (birth, marriage, death certificates); inventory/photos of valuable household goods; copies of: insurance policies, wills, deeds, investments; records/list of credit card account numbers and companies; copies of social security cards, passports, prescriptions.

  • FAMILY MEDICAL ITEMS:  Insulin, denture needs, contact lenses/supplies, extra eye glasses, prescriptions drugs and medications.

  • COMPUTER ITEMS:  Take discs of important documents or information; or your laptop computer.


  • Turn on your radio; listen to emergency channels for directions…and follow them!

  • Make sure your cell phones are charged; 911 circuits may be jammed – have a list of direct phone numbers for police, fire, hospitals and utilities.

  • Use surge protectors to protect your electronics and appliances. Keep in mind that BVES, Inc. is not liable for interruption, shortage of supply, nor any loss or damage from any cause not within its control.

  • If the power is out, cordless phones won’t work, and electric garage doors must be opened by hand.