Tree Trimming Program

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The BVES, Inc. Tree Trimming Program is designed to enhance public safety, prevent fires and improve electric grid reliability.

  • Public Safety—Prevents injury to people climbing or working in trees near power lines

  • Fire Prevention—Trees that touch high-voltage power lines can ignite fires

  • Reduce Outages—Trees are one of the most common causes of power outages in California

It’s the Law!  State law requires BVES, Inc. to maintain set clearances between electric power lines and all vegetation.

Free Tree Trimming Services

  • Inspection of the distance between trees and power lines

  • Trimming of branches deemed too close to power lines (includes removal of branches)

  • Disconnection and reconnection of power lines so customers can safely remove trees in their yards without hitting a power line

  • Call: (800) 808-BVES (2837)

“When in doubt, call us. Our inspection program is designed to spot branches and trees that may be too close to our lines, but we welcome customers helping us by reporting possible problems.”

Safety Tips & Prevention

  • Call BVES, Inc. for a free inspection if you suspect a branch is too close to a power line.

  • Call BVES, Inc. to disconnect power lines before you remove a tree that may come in contact with the line. We will reconnect once the work is complete.

  • Never trim or prune a tree within 12-15 feet of a power line. Call BVES, Inc. first to inspect the tree. In many instances, we’ll do the tree work at no cost.

  • Be aware of the hazards posed by vegetation near power lines. Branches that break and trees that blow over during a storm can cause short circuits, outages, fire and electrocution.

  • Clear all flammable vegetation within 30 feet of your home and other structures.

  • Plant the right tree in the right place. If you must plant near power lines, make sure the maximum mature tree height is 12-15 feet from the closest line.

  • Never let children climb trees near power lines.

  • Inspect your trees annually for hazards. For advice, consult a certified arborist.

Plant the Right Tree in the Right Place

Before planting a tree on your property, consider the tree's projected size and proximity to power lines. Avoid planting trees within 20 feet of power poles or directly under power lines. If you must plant under power lines, make sure it's a tree that won't grow higher than 25 feet when it matures. Following these simple guidelines outlined in the below graphic will help keep the community safe and ensure your trees can grow freely without required trimming.

Frequently Asked Questions