Public Safety Power Shutoff

⚠ December 11, 2020 3:00PM ⚠ Southern California Edison has informed Bear Valley Electric Service, Inc. that no Public Safety Power Shutoff will be necessary after placing BVES transmission lines under potential PSPS alert last night.


This is a photo of the Bear Valley Electric Service’s Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) Pre-planned Outage Map. The Map is showing the identified High Fire Threat areas that may be selectively de-energized as a measure of last resort to minimize the impact to only the areas at risk. The following number of customers in the respected areas will be affected by a PSPS planned outage, should one have to occur. The locations are: North Shore: AR-805, Customers: 968; Boulder Bay: AR-105, Customers: 1118; Lagonita: AR-145, Customers: 908; Club View: AR-424, Customers: 718; Goldmine: AR-405, Customers: 935; Erwin: AR-1128, Customers: 18.

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2020 Wildfire Mitigation and PSPS Preparation

Proactive De-Energization Policy

BVES Public Safety Power Shutoff Plan 7-22-2020

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